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Overwintering Caladium Bulbs
   Generally, the southern tier of states (zones 10-8) may leave bulbs in place with a covering of mulch. This is not a hard and fast rule, extreme cold temps can swoop down and stick around for a while and damage bulbs - prolonged cold temps and damp soil in the winter season can be fatal to caladium bulbs, hopefully, your overwintered bulbs are mounded.
    After the first frost, pull the plants, top and store in labeled paper bags with slightly damp peat or other medium (don't want them to dry out). These bags should be stored where the temp stays above 55. The bulbs will remain dormant until spring when you bring them out to repot or plant. Jump the season by potting bulbs to start inside until soil temps are favorable outdoors.

Overwintering in the south YouTube video

  2018 Harvest About to Start
Farm Manager Gary Henderson and crew just finished repairs and maintenance on our harvesting equipment - and are hard at it in an early harvest start.
   After topping the rows of leaves, we remove the plastic barriers and water lines nestled in the mound rows. Now we are all ready for the harvesting machines to lift the bulbs from the soil so we can wash them, then ship to our operations center where we cure and sort them by size.
   We are seeing some mammoth bulbs and more Jumbo's than normal - note the mammoth bulb special below.

This Month's Newsletter Specials

John Peed # 2 Bulbs   Allure #1 Bulbs   Kathleen Mammoth Bulbs - 3 Bulbs
John Peed Caladiums - a Classic favorite   Allure caladiums  
Sun or partial sun, these Caladiums make outstanding bedding areas. John Peed is a long-time favorite red caladium variety.   Our recent introduction handles some morning sun and loves partial shade- this is a nice white variety!  
1st time we have been able to offer mammoth bulbs in a long time! These Kathleen bulbs will usually be bigger than your hand! They won't get bigger plants than, say, #1 bulbs, but they will sure get there quicker!
John Peed #2 Bulbs 40-count pkg
 Price: $23.20   
Allure #1 Bulbs 20-count pkg
 Price: $26.50   
Kathleen Mammoth Bulbs 3-count pkg
 Price: $



Meet the Ladies Gift Packages Still 10% OFF
We will be keeping this package open, although you can buy 3-packs individually,
this online newsletter bundle offer is the only way you will get the 10% discount.

You Get 6 clamshell packages with planting instructions on the inside cover, and a plastic label stake with the variety name for each pkg.

Get several!
Great Gifts for family and friends!
Perfect for patio pots

"Meet the Ladies" Variety Pack Special
 Price: $35.00    $31.50

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