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Classic Upcoming events:
   Tampa Garden Club Garden Fest, March 30-31
   FFGC Convention, April 7-9
   Green Thumb Festival, April 27 & 28
   Avon Park Blueberry Festival, April 27
   Lake Placid Caladium Festival, July 26-28

Make some magical caladium pots, baskets and planters...
With the advent of our new 3-bulb sample packages - not only is it it is easier than ever to try a new variety,  3 bulbs is ideal for many sizes of planters, pots and baskets when used as thrillers.

лл Our friends at the New York Botanical Garden created this striking planter featuring our Creamsickle Caladiums and some  super-accent calla lilies.


Various combos White Delight &
Canna w/
Red Frill &
White Ruffles
Creamsickle & Debutante
There is no limit to the possibilities!

Special $avings this month

Border Plants?
Look at White Wonder

This sun tolerant strap makes an excellent border, look for it to grow 12"-18" tall

10% OFF

White Wonder Jumbo Bulbs
10 count pkg



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