Colocasia and Alocasia Elephant Ears

    These caladium relatives include Alocasia, Colocasia. Alocasias are primarily used for their ornamental purposes, whereas the genera Colocasia is primarily used as a carbohydrate food staple in tropical regions of the world. Only relatively recently has their use as ornamentals begun to be exploited. Elephant ears are well suited for pots and will grace any home or office with a tropical flair.
  Most species of Alocasia and Colocasia originate in the tropical rain forests of Latin America. In commerce Alocasias are commonly called “Upright Elephant Ears” whereas Colocasias are referred to as “Regular Elephant Ears”.
Alocasia   Colocasia
As a rule...

«Leaf tips point up= Alocasia

Leaf tips point down=Colocasia»

Colocasia Esculenta elephant ear

Our Elephant Ear  & Tropical Varieties

Colocasia Blue Hawaii GET
C. Black Coral C. Blue Hawaii C. Coal Miner
C. Esculenta (bulbs) C. Kona Coffee A. Low Rider C. Mojito
Musa Dwarf (banana) A. Plumbae Metallica A. Portora (bulbs)  

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