Caladiums grow great in Shade! And in a variety of colors!

   All caladiums can thrive in shade - largely due to their tropical heritage, caladiums are from the rain forests of Central and South America where they resided under the the rainforest canopy and along riverbanks. After years of breeding, we have many varieties of caladiums that are able to grow well in full shade, partial shade and even full sunlight.

   While caladiums will grow in shade and do well, foliage colors and plant height may vary in intensity due to sunlight amounts, water and feeding. There really is no small print here - you may expect great foliage colors in those shady areas all season long!


<< White Queen Caladiums (Whites)
   Our White Queen Caladiums favor some morning sun, however, these pretty caladiums will love your shady patio. Full or partial shade, White Queen caladiums will add beauty to your landscape all season long.

More White Caladiums for shade:

Candidum Sr. | Moonlight | Summer Breeze | White Queen | White Delight | White Diamond | White Majesty | White Cap

<< Candyland Caladiums (Multicolors)
Very versatile and a real charmer to boot...
   This sassy variety was developed by Classic's CEO, Dr. Robert Hartman - over the years, this caladium has been one of his best performers in sun and shade.

More Multicolor Caladiums for shade:

Burning Heart | Creamsickle  | Miss Muffet

<< Carolyn Whorton Pink Caladiums  (Pinks)
A long standing classic, Carolyn Whorton will brighten any dark corner or shady nook.

More Pink Caladiums for shade:
Kathleen  |  Party Punch | Peppermint | Pink Beauty | Roseglow  Sweetheart | Summer Pink

<< Red Ruffles Caladiums   (Reds)
This versatile red caladium can also handle some sun.
Frilly and sassy - a delight to the eye.

More Red Caladiums for shade:
 Freida Hemple | Heart's Delight  | Lemon Blush | John Peed  | Red Ruffles




Shade Loving Caladiums
come in all colors...

Kathleen Caladiums

Creamsickle Caladiums

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