Caladiums love Sun! And in a variety of colors!

  Strap-leaf caladium varieties as a group are generally more sun tolerant than many of the fancy-leaf varieties. Nevertheless, some caladium varieties are more sun tolerant than others. In 2000, Classic Caladiums began program to reintroduce rejuvenated selected commercial caladium varieties. Similarly the company expanded its breeding program to develop and introduce new genetics into the caladium line - hence, more sun-loving caladiums.

Some sun-tolerant caladiums varieties are described below:

Red Caladiums
   Red Ruffles tolerates sun very well. A frilly beauty with a distinctive green border, Red Ruffles will add elegance and color to any landscape.

More Red Caladiums for Sun:

Bombshell | Fast Flash | Heart's Delight | John Peed |
Lance WhortonPostman Joyner | Red Flash | Red Frill |

White Caladiums
Pictured left is White Wonder, recently developed by our Classic CEO, Dr. Robert Hartman
More White Caladiums for Sun:

Celebration | Gingerland | Southern Charm | White Dynasty | White Marble | White Pearl | White Star | White Wonder

Pink Caladiums
A long standing classic, Carolyn Whorton will brighten any dark corner or shady nook.

More Pink Caladiums for Sun:
Candyland | Party Punch | Pink Gem | Radiance | Starburst

Multicolor Caladiums

Berries 'N Burgundy | Creamsickle |Desert Sunset | Miss Muffet


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