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Puppy Love Caladium Bulbs

Patent Protected #25,424

   Caladium Puppy Love is a new rich pink strap (lance) leaf variety introduced here in 2015. Puppy Love is tolerant of full sun conditions and works well in the landscape as a short to intermediate variety. Puppy Love would remind you of Florida Sweetheart, one of its parents, but with a deeper richer color and much thicker leaves. Puppy Love is does well in 4 and larger pots, baskets and combination/patio planters.

   We regularly submit our new and reinvigorated varieties to various universities and leading growers for review and testing as part of the process of evaluating their performance. Caladium Puppy Love was highly regarded in the 2014 Costa Farms Season Premier trial gardens. Another caladium from our Classic CEO, Dr. Robert Hartman.

3-Bulb Sample Pack, #1 size bulbs - perfect for pot or basket! Only $15.00ea.

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Puppy Love caladiums

Puppy Love Caladiums
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tolerates 6-8 hours of morning sun

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Can grow to 12"-14" tall

Exclusive Strap Pink Variety

Our Stock Number: PUP8460

Puppy Love caladiums

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Puppy Love #1 Bulb
#1 bulbs are approx 1" - 2
  Puppy Love Jumbo Bulbs
Jumbo bulbs are 2" - 3" - more leaves
  Puppy Love #2 Bulbs
#2 bulbs are approx 1 to 1
#1 Bulbs - 10 count pkg
Price: $28.00
Jumbo Bulbs - 10 count pkg
Price: $46.00
#2 Bulbs - 20 count pkg
 Price: $28.00
#1 Bulbs - 20 count pkg
Price: $47.00
JUMBO Bulbs - 20 count pkg
Price: $82.00
#2 Bulbs - 40 count pkg
 Price: $50.00

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